Upcoming Events

We do live sales on Instagram every two weeks and Facebook once a month

Website updates happen on the same day as the Live sales at 11am

Click here to connect to our INSTAGRAM account

Click here to connect to our FACEBOOK account

Live Sale Schedule

December 8th 5pm PST

December 10th 5pm PST


We look forward to seeing you at shows again one day but until then please join us online!


Live Sale instructions

Follow our accounts. Turn on Notifications 

To join a live sale simply click on the pink circled Stone Haven Gems logo at the top of your screen on Instagram

On Facebook simply click on the streaming video

Prices are in Canadian dollars

To claim any item, type the item code in the comments once shown

Please claim responsibly. No trades or putbacks

The first claim seen on my screen gets the item. You will often see your own claim first and I will see things in a different order. Its not a perfect system and there are some glitches but we do our best

Tips for live sale success:

Make sure your Wifi is strong and your apps are updated.

Close other apps.

Type a comment or emoji to say hello so you know we can see you.

Add an emoji to your claim. Avoid words like sold, claim and unblock.

If you are having problems its good to leave and comeback and refresh your connection.

If you are seeing people claim items before the code is shown you have a "lag" which means you should refresh and comeback and try all these other suggestions

Other things to know:

You will be sent a link to a personalized listing on our website for your claims.

Payment is required with 24 hrs.

We ship within 24-48 hours unless you request an open box.

Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!  Hope you can join us!