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Stone Haven Gems is located in beautiful British Columbia on the unceded Coast Salish territory of the Lekwungen WSANEC nations.

Since 2008 we have worked tirelessly to curate a gem and mineral collection that has been ethically sourced and traded. We work closely with miners, workshops and sources globally that can demonstrate practices of fair pay, safe working conditions and environmental sustainability. 

We are committed to ethical practices in trade, sourcing, handling and our day to day business. A percentage of profits go back into local projects and charity

Our specialties are rare and high frequency stones like Sugilite, Moldavite, Tugtupite, Lemurian quartz, Phenacite and Nuummite

Stone Haven Gems was founded in 2008 by Christine Paton. A passion for collecting crystals and minerals and a background in the healing arts led to some of the first pop up gem shows. Since then we have "unveiled" a new collection twice a year in Vancouver and Victoria. In addition, prior to March 2020, you could find our collection of crystals, minerals, jewellery and gems at most of the gem and mineral shows in western Canada. As all of these shows have been cancelled in 2020, we have been hosting live sales on INSTAGRAM and listing the collection on this site.

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Christine in her happy place at the Denver Gem show 2019

Visiting Madagascar 2019